E4D CAD/CAM 1 Day Crowns

same day crown machine

Advancements in modern oral health technology have drastically improved dental treatment in recent years. One such technology – the E4D CAD/CAM system – is making it possible for patients to receive custom created crowns in just one dental visit. E4D is an in-office system that uses sophisticated software and a chairside computer to design, modify and create dental restorations with extreme precision. E4D CAD/CAM technology streamlines the experience into a single visit without sacrificing the quality or aesthetics of your restoration.

Did you know?

that traditional crowns require at least two office visits to place? In fact, it can take weeks to get a crown using the traditional process of preparing the tooth, taking an impression and waiting for a dental lab to return the restoration to your dentist’s office. That is double the waiting room time, double the time off work and double the time spent in a dentist’s chair than if you chose a same-day crown.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the E4D CAD/CAM system work?

Your dentist will prepare your tooth it for a crown.The E4D CAD/CAM technology does not require the use of traditional dental impressions. Instead, the system takes a digital image impression of your teeth and gums, transferring it into the CAD/CAM software system. The computer produces a 3-D image, making it possible for your dentist to customize a restoration and modify it according to your individual needs. The finalized restoration is then milled in the office, rather than a lab, and bonded in place the same day.

In some cases, such as implant supported crowns and certain anterior cases, the prepared tooth is scanned as described above but the image is sent electronically to an outside lab where your crown is fabricated and returned to your dentist for delivery. A small number of cases may require traditional impressions to get the best results.

Are 1-Day crowns of the same quality as traditional crowns?

CAD/CAM restorations are milled from tooth-colored materials like porcelain, the same metal-free restoration you might receive from a dental lab. These metal-free crowns are strong, durable and designed to last many years. E4D CAD/CAM restorations take as little as approximately 20-40 minutes to manufacture. If necessary, your dentist can also polish and adjust the color of your restoration to match that of your other teeth before you leave the office.

How should I care for a new crown?

E4D CAD/CAM 1-day crowns are not temporaries, so you can return to normal eating habits nearly immediately. However, as with any tooth-colored restoration, you will need to avoid chewing on ice or hard objects that could chip your restoration. Continue to brush and floss daily, and talk with your dentist about getting a night guard if you tend to clench or grind your teeth at night.